The project

Beneficiary organiser: Comunità Montana Amiata Grossetano

Beneficiary partners: Comunità Montana dell’Esino Frasassi, Enel Distribuzione S.p.A.

Area of the project: Amiata Area (GR), Gola della Rossa and di Frasassi Regional Natural Park (AN)

Duration: 5 years, from 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2014

Budget: 3.322.876 €

Community contribution: 1.661.438 €

The LIFE Save the Flyers project has two main aims:

  • The conservation of chiroptera populations;
  • The stabilization of two reintroduced populations of Red Kites.

In order to achieve these aims the project plans to:

  • protect the reproduction areas and refuges of cave bats;
  • increase the availability of foraging areas for bats;
  • increase the availability of areas of refuge and reproduction for non-cave dwelling bats;
  • free Red Kite individuals in order to form two populations of at least subsistence numbers;
  • reduce the risk of electrocution to Red Kites and other species of raptors included in Attached I of the Bird Law.
  • Make the local population and, in particular, the tourist organisations aware of and involved in areas of the project.

The countryside around Monte Labbro

The walls of Gola di Frasassi

Young Red Kites in a nest in Corsica; one was later released in Tuscany

Young Red Kite ready to be released

Adult Red Kite

Brown Long-eared Bat

Greater Horseshoe Bat

European Free-tailed Bat