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Project Team

Comunità Montana Amiata Grossetano

Aldo Coppi, General Secretary of the CMA is responsible for and the project manager of the LIFE SAVE THE FLYERS project.

CMA staff include Stefano Puppola (surveyor), Antonella Petrelli Brunati (accountant), Cesare Papalini (forest manager), Fioranna Morganti (administration) and Giorgio Pellegrini (agronomist).

Comunità Montana dell’Esino Frasassi

Massimiliano Scotti, scientist, Gola della Rossa and di Frasassi Natural Park Director, is the project manager.

CMEF staff include Marina Bettanin (administration) and Ilaria Pellegrini (accounting).

ENEL Distribuzione S.p.A.

Anna Brogi, Quality, Safety and Environment Manager of the Infrastructure and Networks Division, is the project manager.

ENEL managerial staff include Mauro Salvadori (General coordination manager), Natale Caridi (Administrative coordinator) and Elio Aliperti (Accounting management).

The technical staff includes, among others, Riccardo Lama, Planning Manager and Power Supply assistance, Enzo Bevilacqua, Grosseto Area Manager, Roberto Castronovo, Toscana and Umbria network development, and Virgilio Tomassini, Ancona Area Manager.

Biodiversità sas

Guido Ceccolini and Anna Cenerini, writers of the LIFE project, support the beneficiaries in the technical-scientific management of the LIFE project and running the Endangered Raptors Centre.


Sergio Vignali, Valentina Falchi, Matteo Baini, Luca Passalacqua from the Endangered Raptors Centre Committee.

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